Our Story:

Represent Everyone was started by Lee Laskody, after 17 years as a private practice attorney in North Carolina.  “I learned how to be a lawyer by doing court-appointed representation for several years.  It was a great opportunity for me and my clients.  In the last ten years, I have seen that lots of middle class people are struggling to get the legal advice they need, while young attorneys are having trouble building their practices.  The number of attorneys has increased, while the pool of wealthy clients has not increased.”  The obvious solution seems to be to expand the market for legal services at a reduced price point – but one that works for lawyers and clients alike.

Our 2 Goals:

1. Provide affordable, local, in-person legal services.

More people need legal advice and representation!  Lawyers add value.  That is why all people and organizations with wealth hire lawyers.  We can help millions of people by providing more affordable lawyers.

2. Generate new clients for lawyers building a practice.

Building a legal practice is often quite difficult, especially in the early stages.  Clients that can pay premium legal fees almost always hire well established attorneys.  New lawyers can build their practice by using a branded network that stands for affordable lawyers that work hard for their clients.